My project is unique in that it is a collection of children's books that cater to dark brown girls. D.A.R.K. describes us who are:
Pretty. (written) For a dark .
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My Hair is Magic.
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'The D.A.R.K. Brown Girl's
Book of Affirmations
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*NOW $15.00!

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Meet the Author, Asha V. Ntim

Author, Asha Ntim, MPM was born and raised on the infamous Chicago South Side. Her grandparents being from Alabama, colorism was just another hurdle to overcome, along with community violence, gangs and bullying.

Asha grew to understand that self love, accountability and all kinds of skills were necessary to successfully navigate through adulthood.

Asha Ntim is now a community activist, child advocate and wife and mother. She is not only the Author of the D.A.R.K Brown Girl Collection, but the founder of The Chrysalis Program.

Through her powerful message of hope and perseverance Asha Ntim inspires women and girls to love themselves, use their voice and become the best versions of themselves.

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The D.a.r.k. Brown Girl
Book Collection