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Partnerships and Sponsors

The Chrysalis Program is all about community and building a strong village.

Networking is a key function that assists in building a stronger community. As we continue to grow we are looking for partnership, sponsorship and networking opportunities.

In the today's society, many are too busy competing to work together. A solid village is built by the coming together with the understanding that a win does not mean a loss for someone else.


There is strength in numbers.

When we each bring our unique strengths, ideas, perspectives and experiences to the table we build something greater.

We can build a long lasting, indestructible village that you, your business, Chrysalis students, parents and volunteers can have access too.  

Whether you are an established business owner or self proclaimed motivational speaker, The Chrysalis program is eager to work with you to forge a mutually beneficial relationship.

Maybe you can mentor once a month.

Maybe you're a school that needs an after school program.


Maybe your business can offer consulting, gift cards or food to our program in exchange for promotions,  marketing and advertising.

Maybe your nonprofit can partner with Chrysalis for an event, retreat or summer camp.

Maybe your program needs fresh new curriculum, workbooks and ideas.

Maybe you are a publisher looking for a book series. 

Maybe your restaurant can sponsor a Chrysalis Event in exchange for promotions and exposure.

Maybe you'd like to volunteer to participate in one of our fun and exciting fundraisers.

Maybe you want to sponsor a student's trip.

Or even just want to make a donation.

We are grateful for what ever capacity you would like contribute to and/or benefit from The Chrysalis Program.

Let's Connect!